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simpliFAI (Simplify Artificial Intelligence) for financial institutions.

BankBuddy is a Financial Technology (FinTech) company providing Artificial Intelligence solutions to help financial institutions Automate, Analyze & Assist stakeholder interactions.


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5 WhatsApp banking experience enhancers


At the core, digital transformation is all about creating new enhanced customer- centric journeys & experiences with disruptive technological advancements across various channels. Today’s digital banking priorities are linked to redefining how people interact, engage and transact.

Imagine being able to offer frictionless transactions to your customers via WhatsApp banking chatbot and save almost 7 minutes of their time on every interaction/session as compared to the mobile banking  and internet banking.

Imagine extending your extend banking service to customers (including me) who don’t want to download another Mobile App via WhatsApp.

Imagine answering queries in any language,  extend functionality base, provide all sort of rates, complaints, status…..et al over WhatsApp.


Reality – you can do all this and more with BankBuddy WhatsApp banking chatbot….today


“Alex got connected with his college friends via WhatsApp group. The friends started planning a meet-up and decided on the venue. Alex had to transfer his part of contribution to one of them, he connects to his bank on WhatsApp chatbot and within few seconds the funds were transferred. WhatsApp banking chatbot  allowed him to complete his transaction almost instantaneously while chatting with his friends.”

Convenient and fantastic

However, a  poorly designed whatsapp banking chatbot can quickly lead to backlash and channel abandonment. Here are the top 5 things you should consider while deploying a whatsapp banking chatbot.


BankBuddy WhatsApp banking chatbot opens the door for better customer engagement, increased trust and long-lasting customer relationships.


Conversational Banking is all about delivering convenience and personalisation. As per the recent studies, customers value speed and efficiency as most important attributes to moulding positive customer experience. BankBuddy WhatsApp banking chatbot is designed to offer frictionless experiences across :
Seamless WhatsApp banking
  • Funds Transfer – Internal/Self/External
  • Transactions – Card/Loan/Bills etc.
  • Remittance
  • Customer Service – Statement, Summary, Service Requests
  • Loans – EMI due, pre-payment
Personalised Recommendations

Increase your up-sell & cross-sell by providing personalised WhatsApp notifications and  recommendations based on customers’ profile & behaviour :

  • Location/Segment based offers
  • Cross-sell, Up-sell , Retention offers
  • Partner offers – Co-branding with airlines, hotels , food chains etc.
Automated FAQ/ WhatsApp chatbot for automated Query resolution

Reduce the overall customer service cost and enhance the customer experience via context-specific query resolution

  • Product and process information
  • Forex  – Buy, Sell
  • Interest rate – Loans, Deposits , Accounts
  • Charges & Fees
  • Location – ATM, Branch; Working hours
Two-factor user authentication
  • Two level authentication to ensure secure transactions

Customer and context-centred interactions are the “new normal” in digital operating models. So, financial institutions need to change the way they interact with their customers, based on the context of exchange, in order to offer seamless omni channel experience, through a smart balance of human and machines.

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