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Wallet Blogs

The Future is Now: An In-Depth Look at Digital Wallets 3.0

"Demand for “anytime, anywhere” payments - digital wallets, NFC payments, and QR payments is growing worldwide due to smartphones, the Internet, and personalized experience." “Today, consumers have already moved from basic mobile money prim...Read more

Will Smart AI-powered digital wallets replace Super-Apps?

Super Apps are built on the premise of cross-sell and upsell potential to existing customers of a daily use app example: a taxi app. So, the super apps originally started as a utility function and added a digital wallet to fund the purchase of ecosystem....Read more

Digital Wallet + Artificial Intelligence

Digital wallets have revolutionized financial services by allowing users to make transactions in an easy, effortless manner. The democratization of payments has catalyzed financial inclusion by bringing unbanked populations into the formal banking system, which has enabled them to access a...Read more