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Our raison d’être

simpliFAI (Simplify Artificial Intelligence) for financial institutions.

BankBuddy is a Financial Technology (FinTech) company providing Artificial Intelligence solutions to help financial institutions Automate, Analyze & Assist stakeholder interactions.


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BankBuddy Personal Banking Customer Experience – inform, serve, personalise, delight

Cognitive banking is redefining the personal banking arena by enhancing self service automation, mass personalisation, predictive service and task automation to enable service delivery at scale across all digital channels & functions.
Leverage the power of banking AI solutions to bring back “personal” in personal banking. Create micro “moments” based on dynamic customer journeys and streaming recommendations to understand implicit and explicit intents and proactively serve customers across a wide variety of digital & physical channels.

Omni digital
Hyper Efficient

Increase retention, conversion, cross and upsell


Superlative customer experience

Omni digital experience for automated query resolution, context specific targeting and seamless human handoff to enhance your customer experience, self service and reduce your cost to serve.

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Remove friction

Personal banking is facing rising client expectations and fee compression. Time to remove friction with end to end seamless automation with task bots for on-boarding, service request, pin reset, loan top up & more


Increase retention, conversion, cross and upsell

Use predictive analytics to provide contextual messages in real time & trigger actions for increasing conversion, retention and cross sell. Analyze customer journeys and interaction context to create dynamic personas and map best possible products, bundles and information.

Go live in weeks – pre-built AI Solutions

Omni channel NLP based conversational interface for customer and employee interaction based on pre-built banking domain ontology for personal banking with over 15000 elements.
Behavioural data analytics and scoring based on past interactions (Demographics, Past behaviour patterns, social profile, interaction pattern) ,device data, social graph & current conversation context from live interaction stream.

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