About BankBuddy

Our raison d’être

simpliFAI (Simplify Artificial Intelligence) for financial institutions.

BankBuddy is a Financial Technology (FinTech) company providing Artificial Intelligence solutions to help financial institutions Automate, Analyze & Assist stakeholder interactions.


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BankBuddy wins Finablr Challenge for Integrated IOT Cross Border Payments

 BANKBUDDY  did it again !!! We won the Finablr Challenge for Integrated IOT Cross Border Payments at FinX Troopers– MENA Fintech Hackathon in Dubai.

Problem Statement:

IoT trend is characterized by greater connectivity due to the integration of sensors & computing capabilities. The modes of interaction with IoT devices for initiating actions is also rapidly changing.

Create a solution for undertaking cross-border payment transactions and enabling placement of foreign exchange orders through IoT devices using voice / facial gestures and hand movements / holograms..

A fantastic challenge by a progressive organisation like Finablr, shining light on the future of Customer experience. Hearty Congratulations to the BankBuddy team on creating the most comprehensive cognitive banking platform.

Surya Prasad, Co-founder BankBuddy.ai

BankBuddy is a Cognitive platform with laser sharp focus on Customer Experience automation for financial services, we use Deep learning, NLP, computer vision, big data, recommendation system & speech analytics fused with our domain knowledge of working with 100’s of banks across 50 countries to help financial institutions shift  :

  • from legacy to latest channels (Embedded Financial services)
  • from transactions to goal based journeys (Personalized customer experience)
  • from reactive service provider to proactive advisor (Robo/AI based advisory)
  • from silos to ecosystem (Open banking)

“Financial institutions are looking at moving beyond the experiments with AI to real applied domain specific AI. This win validates the market readiness of adopting end to end AI which fuses multiple Realms of AI like Computer Vision, NLP, Recommendation systems, Speech recognition and predictive analytics to make the customer journey frictionless and enriching.”

Aditya Bhagat, Co-founder BankBuddy.ai