About BankBuddy

Our raison d’être

simpliFAI (Simplify Artificial Intelligence) for financial institutions.

BankBuddy is a Financial Technology (FinTech) company providing Artificial Intelligence solutions to help financial institutions Automate, Analyze & Assist stakeholder interactions.


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Applied Artificial Intelligence solutions

Customer experience management, hyper personalization & operations automation

Meet BankBuddy

Ready to deploy Artificial Intelligence applications for banks and financial institutions.

BankBuddy is a suite of AI solutions built to power banks and financial institutions with customer experience management, hyper personalization & operations automation.

Extend your reach with NLP Chatbots for Social/Messaging apps (Facebook messenger chatbot, Twitter Bot, Slack Bot etc) & add conversations to your existing banking channels (Mobile, Web, Branch, Kiosk etc). 

Hyper personalize your customer journey with customer persona mapping & context specific recommendations to increase conversions, cross sell, up-sell, retention & customer experience.

Automate at scale with lowest risk and time to launch using BankBuddy prebuilt task bots (Bots with optimized workflow, backend integration, security, & compliance) for B2C, B2B and B2E transactions.

BankBuddy Chat and Voice bot

Liquid Interface –  Chatbot Channels

Service your customers with conversational AI across channels.

BankBuddy is designed to offer the best customer experience across channels while leveraging best of the functionalities offered by the messaging channels e.g. Rich UI of Facebook. BankBuddy chatbots come pre-integrated with major messaging platforms viz. Facebook Messenger, Slack, Twitter etc, in-mobile apps, voice assistant platforms and its own flexible and wholly customizable UI option for webchat.

BankBuddy NLP

BankBuddy leverages cutting edge Natural language processing (NLP) technologies to provide a Multilingual human like experience to your financial services clients. Our pre trained banking NLP model works on top of our banking ontology, plus it has built in synonyms, hundreds of variants of banking queries and word combinations of commonly asked questions and their patterns, thus helping you have better accuracy from day 1.

BankBuddy Task Bots

Ready to deploy automation applications for banks and financial institutions.

BankBuddy task bots are special purpose bots with a task completion orientation, these bots can be clubbed with any existing bots, deployed under an umbrella/ universal bot or work as standalone bots. Typical use cases are : origination, client on-boarding, computer vision based automated data collection, service request processing, lost card processing, PIN reset, collections, recommendations etc.

BankBuddy Task Bot flows have been designed based on best of breed process flows, compliance and security requirements. Built by bankers to accomplish straight thru processing of tasks in minimal time.

BankBuddy Recommendation Engine

Dynamic persona and customer journey management.

BankBuddy helps financial institutions hyper-personalize the customer journey based on active context and leveraging predictive analytics and Big-data. BankBuddy builds a dynamic customer persona with structured and unstructured data, quantitative and qualitative data from internal and external sources of past interactions, social profile, contact centre logs etc to provide Intelligent Customer Experience.

BankBuddy Journey Hub

BankBuddy has pre-defined customer journey maps with expected outcomes which are dynamically measured against Experience Levels (XLA’s) to help financial institutions define and control the financial journey with AI based prediction of Next Best Action (NBA) which could be in the form of relevant product recommendation, content recommendation or human handoff.

Technology Stack

Messenger platforms

Voice Assistant


Website chat

IVR and contact center

Information Dissemination

Lead management

Document collection

Customer onboarding

Content Recommendation

Product Recommendation

Proactive alerts

Personalized Notifications

Customer Journey Analytics