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Machine Learning Model

Design of A Machine Learning Model for Automatic Generation of DomainSpecific Ontologies

By Dr. Sivaramakrishnan R Guruvayur, R.Suchithra
Department of Computer Science
Jain University, Karnataka, India

Presently, the development of an Ontology for a particular domain is influenced by a knowledge engineer’s intervention and extent of knowledge in that domain. In general, ontologies are created by domain experts who use domain-specific approaches to generate taxonomies from different knowledge sources. Therefore, due to the manual aspects of Ontology creation, validation and updation, and the absence of a comprehensive and automated standard methodology for Ontology Engineering, there is significantly low and ineffective adoption of Ontologies in emerging AI applications. This paper describes on-going research to utilise Machine Learning Algorithms for domain-specific automatic generation and continuous updation of Ontologies. The proposed approach involves the development of four novel algorithms for automatic generation of ontology which offer cost- and time-efficient ways of automatically creating and maintaining Ontologies.bstract should be times new roman with 9 fount single spacing. The main focused of Watermarking is developing and introducing new techniques for watermark embedding and detection. Experimental results show that the embedded watermark is transparent and quite robust in face of various watermark images at high compression ratios and provides good results in terms of imperceptibility.