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simpliFAI (Simplify Artificial Intelligence) for financial institutions.

BankBuddy is a Financial Technology (FinTech) company providing Artificial Intelligence solutions to help financial institutions Automate, Analyze & Assist stakeholder interactions.


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Education loan chatbot

Connect with Millennial and Generation Z

Education loan chatbot

A vast majority of users looking for education loan information find bank websites hard to navigate, site search being ineffective, complex terminology, multiple navigation paths to find answers to simple questions. More than 65% of digital native users prefer to use education loan chat for customer service and have interacted with a chatbot for task fulfilment.

  • Attention span of Millennials – 12 secs & Gen Z 8 secs.
  • Time spent on messaging apps – 2-3 hours a day
  • Mobile Apps Decline – By 2019, 20% of brands will abandon their mobile apps.

Education loan prospects are most likely first time borrowers and not well versed with complex banking terminology, simplify the information dissemination process by using  context specific guided flows.


Omni digital experience : Chatbots can help provide a unified digital experience education loan specific product queries, origination, customer service etc. Deploy chatbots over messaging platforms, web, IVR and embed them in mobile apps.


Automate at scale : Automate common customer service processes e.g. loan origination, data/document collection, address change, disbursal management, KYC, payment mode change, foreclosure, rate change, topup loan application, loan restructuring, loan closure etc.


How can BankBuddy help ?

  • BankBuddy Education loan chatbot has a pre-built education loan model to provide a unified digital experience – education loan specific product queries, origination, customer service etc.
  • BankBuddy offers quick deployment (in weeks) – including branding and language changes, 3rd party data integration, data collection flows and back end interfaces.
  • BankBuddy Education loan chatbot conversation flows have been designed specifically for digital natives with happy path, guided flow, free flow, reminders, forms, attachments etc  for seamless conversation experience.


Benefits :

Increase customer engagement

Enhance customer experience

Reduce cost to serve