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Banking Customer Service

Domain Specific Ontologies

BankBuddy Selected for DICE Fintech Ace – India’s Largest Fintech Accelerator Program

BankBuddy is thrilled to announce its selection in Second Cohort of DICE Fintech Ace programme, India’s largest FinTech Accelerator and a 360 degree FinTech...

Action in Banking

Context-based Next Best Action in Banking

Artificial Intelligence is revamping the way customers interact with banks and financial services. Though the customers are already digital, they constantly expect to shorten the interaction...


Domain Specific Ontologies – Relevance & Context in Applied AI

Ontologies find use in the Semantic Web, Artificial Intelligence, Systems Engineering, Biomedical Informatics, Software Engineering, Enterprise Bookmarking...


Conversational AI in banking

Conversational AI is the next big thing that is changing the way customers interact with banks and financial services in the new digital world...


Education loan chatbot

A vast majority of users looking for education loan information find bank websites hard to navigate, site search being ineffective, complex terminology...

Ontology Creation

Customer on-boarding chatbot

Digital Native bank customers expect a seamless & fast on-boarding experience across channels of their choice, while banks are struggling with meeting...

Engage Cardholders

Chatbot for Personal Loan

Personal Loan customer journeys are unique, bank prospects are looking for specific terms and speed/agility is key decision enabler. Existing customers expect a low touch...