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Digital humans: The next wave of digital banking innovation

50% of banking interactions today are digital, with an uptick of over 18% in the last year alone. However, that still leaves behind half of the banked population, who either never use their bank’s digital services or do so infreq...Read more

Accelerating digital remittance with WhatsApp

The global remittance industry is expected to reach a market size of $930.44 billion by 2026, while the digital remittance market, which is currently experiencing rapid growth, is projected to hit $33.9 billion. With such a huge...Read more

Insurance WhatsApp Chatbots: The next big thing in Insurance

Introducing new technologies alone is not enough in a 'customer-first' industry like insurance. The need of the hour is a customer-focused, data-driven digital transformation approach that will enable insurers to...Read more

Essential checklist for AI remote onboarding and eKYC for insurance

Digital insurance onboarding process is critical to getting new customers up and running with their coverage in a jiffy. A recent report by Mckinsey indicates that more than 33% of insurance...Read more

Bankbuddy wins Fintech of the year Startup award

Continuing on the trajectory of innovation fuelled hypergrowth, Bankbuddy has been awarded the Fintech Startup of the Year at the Seamless Awards 2020, conducted in conjunction with Seamless Middle East - the...Read more

4 ways AI can transform the insurance industry

With declining mobile app downloads, leveraging AI as a part of their new digital strategy to provide channel agnostic digital engagement to customers is the way moving forward for insurance companies. Engage with your custome...Read more

Why should you launch a WhatsApp Wallet today?

The launch of WhatsApp pay in India opens the doors for 400 mn users of WhatsApp to securely pay in the most frictionless manner with the simple & familiar user interface & no hassle of downloading multiple mobile apps. This is by far one of the...Read more

Omnidigital banking with AI

Though it sounds similar, Omni digital banking is not about offering transactions on multiple digital channels (that’s legacy Omnichannel / Multichannel). Omni digital banking is about bringing “Digital business models” to life across all possible...Read more

AI for personalized Cardholder engagement

Using personalization in financial services, several new institutions and fintechs are ready to offer me, a stranger they have never dealt with, amazing travel benefits, free stays, exclusive experiences, referral bonuses and so much more...Read more

eKYC for Banking Customers

Being one of the first interactions a customer has with his/ her financial service provider, the onboarding experience can have a huge impact on long term customer loyalty and retention. Due to ever-changing government regulations and...Read more

AI for Remote Customer Onboarding

Digital Native bank customers expect a seamless & fast onboarding experience on the channel of their choice, while banks are struggling with meeting increasing compliance requirements. Rigid applications...Read more

Prevent Customer Churn With Artificial Intelligence

The banking industry has gone through a steady digital transformation over the years, but rising customer attrition rates are a concern now more than ever. The ever-increasing competition from existing players, neo banks like...Read more

How can Banks leverage WhatsApp banking to launch wallet?

The global contactless payment market size is expected to grow from USD 10.3 billion in 2020 to USD 18 billion by 2025, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.7% during the forecast period. It’s an established fact that Contactless payment is the way...Read more

Secure Whatsapp Banking

It’s proven beyond doubt that Chatbot Banking on messenger channels is the most frictionless way to bank. It does not involve downloading new apps, learning new interface, going through painful app upgrade glitches and of course saving time by using a...Read more

Use Clickstream based personalisation to enhance digital banking sales

54% of the banking consumers surveyed said they will consider switching providers if their banks do not Hyper-personalized banking experiences that they demand and expect...Read more

Hyper-personalized banking with recommendation engine

54% of the banking consumers surveyed said they will consider switching providers if their banks do not deliver the personalised experiences that they demand and expect. Are banks sitting on switch glacier?...Read more

5 things to do to enhance your WhatsApp Banking Experience

At the core, digital transformation is all about creating new enhanced customer- centric journeys & experiences with disruptive technological advancements across various channels. Today’s digital banking priorities are linked to redefining...
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WhatsApp banking chatbot

With more than 5 billion mobile users worldwide and Whatsapp being the most popular messaging app (over 1.5 billion monthly active users), the launch of WhatsApp Business was the obvious next step. Changing customer profiles are driving the pace of digitisation...Read more

BankBuddy wins Finablr Challenge for Integrated IOT Cross Border Payments

BANKBUDDY did it again !!! We won the Finablr Challenge for Integrated IOT Cross Border Payments at FinX Troopers– MENA Fintech Hackathon in Dubai...
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BankBuddy wins Finx Global Fintech of the Year Award

We are super stoked to announce that BANKBUDDY has won the esteemed FinX 2019 Award for the Global Fintech Startup of the Year...Read more

BankBuddy Selected by Fintech Hive Accelerator, UAE

BankBuddy is thrilled to announce its selection in FinTech Hive, the first and largest financial technology accelerator in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region...Read more

BankBuddy Selected for DICE Fintech Ace – India’s Largest Fintech Accelerator Program

BankBuddy is thrilled to announce its selection in Second Cohort of DICE Fintech Ace programme, India’s largest FinTech...Read more

New partnership to deliver AI solutions for banking and finance

Almoayyed Computers, the largest ICT company in the Kingdom and BankBuddy.ai, a leading Artificial Intelligence platform announced...Read more

Leveraging digital for financial inclusion

Specialist start-ups are making the learning of financial products and service that much simpler for consumers. More so, as banks and insurance companies cannot reach out to everybody...
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AI innovations in Insurance Dubai World Insurance Congress

Arif Amiri, Chief Executive Officer of DIFC Authority, said, “There is a growing need for the global reinsurance industry to embrace innovation...
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AI Everything - Dubai, UAE

As part of AI Venture Labs Microsoft Accelerator Demo Day, we showcased our Cognitive banking platform to a packed audience including senior executives from Microsoft and AIVL. See the video...Read more

AI innovations in Open Banking

Emirates NBD, a leading bank in the region, together with the DIFC FinTech Hive, the largest financial technology accelerator in the Middle East, Africa and...
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AI innovation at Seamless Middle East

Aditya Bhagat, CEO & Co-founder, Bankbuddy, speaks at Seamless Middle East a UAE based software company working in the AI department...Read more